What our customers say


Southampton Remapping

"I do the remap and leave the marketing to these experts. I didn't expect these guys to under promise and over achieve, but they did. What a breath of fresh air - people who say what they do, do what they say and prove that they do it. I'm making more money - lots more money ..... bottom line."

Glen Bampton
Fresh and Clean

“I have been in this business for over 10 years. I have seen and heard lots of claims from marketing companies and directories over this period but by far and away the best I have seen is this product. From the first month I have received 20+ new customer leads. This has continued and we are receiving this level of new customers every month."

Andrew Meldrum
Aftersales Manager
Wests Renault Group

"October was a record month for our MoTSales campaign. We expected thing to slow down after September but we did even more. MotSales is now creating £20,000 profit for Wests each year from the MoT service alone - each MoT customer is worth."

Gary Bloomhill
Basinstoke MoT
and Service Centre

"You guys underpromised and overperformed as far as my business is concerned. June figures show 39 calls to June 26th and 23 e-mail MoT bookings. That's over 60 MoTs (many with a service) and the month's not over yet!"

Pipe Dynamics

“Although I wanted to believe your claims I was very sceptical, having heard similar claims from other marketing companies. But I have been exceptionally impressed with the quality of the service. “The results were instant – we had THREE enquiries within four hours of going live. We are now looking to do separate websites and campaigns for stainless steel exhausts.”

David Mead
Invicta Motors,

"Since joining MoTSales we have seen a huge 20% increase across the group in MoTs and growing!
Canterbury alone has seen an extra 40 MoT bookings tis month and is still growing."

Shaun Butler
Aftersales Manager
Donalds Mazda

"Since Ipswich Mot centre went live on March 28 we have averaged a booking a day - sometimes its 2 or 3 and other days none but it is averaging one a day."

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